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We have discontinued the Revitalize brand and are now focusing on a new range of products. We will announce these very soon!

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Dr. Watson Men's Energy Mushroom Complex

Dr. Watson Men's Energy Vegan Mushroom & Multivitamin Complex are the perfect boost for daily mental, physical and cognitive function.

  • Look no further, your perfect daily supplement for performance, energy and focus
  • Contains Ginseng and Vitamin B to support energy levels, cognitive function and immunity
  • Potent blend of Cordyceps Sinesis sourced from the Himalayas and also Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus). 
  • 100% RDA of Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) and Ginseng for a energised day
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Dr. Watson Her Health Mushroom Complex

Dr. Watson Her Health | Mushroom Complex & Multivitamins For Her Hormonal Support is a specialist before, during and after menopausal supplement. 

  • Including natural mushroom extracts such as Cordyceps and Reishi with added Vitamin B12, B6, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.
  • Supports daily energy levels, aches, pains, moods and hormonal balance.
  • Reishi contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Added support to immune system, bones, teeth and muscles
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Lés Bonné

Backed up with over 550 trustpilot reviews, you can guarantee quality at Lés Bonné. Specialising in providing the highest quality health and CBD products. We have teamed up with some amazing brands to build an outstanding range of products you sure won't be disappointed by. If it is CBD you are interested in, but maybe's aren't sure on where to begin then you can pop us a message via our contact form to ensure you find what is right for you.

London Nootropics Adaptogenic Coffee

In 3 different selections - Mojo, Flo and Zen. Try a selection box to enjoy a mix of all!

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adaptogenic coffee



Enjoy a stunning cup of adaptogenic coffee. Mojo includes Cordyceps mushroom & Siberian Ginseng, which offers, phyiscal benefits to your strength and vitality. Improve your stamina, performance and unleash immune-benefiting properties for when you're feeling like you need a pick up.


Enjoy a stunning cup of adaptogenic coffee. Flow includes Lion's Mane mushroom and Rhodiola, which gives benefits of discovering mental clarity, improving focus, gaining motivation. Not only that, but Flow also is fantastic for your short and long term memory in turn benefiting you by reducing procrastination and brain fog.


Enjoy a stunning cup of adaptogenic coffee. Zen includes CBD & Ashwaghanda, which gives benefits of allowing and encouraging peace, defending against the negative effects of tension, uneasiness and stress. Uplift yourself to feel calmer, more focus, on higher alert and more able to understand and adapt to your mental and physical pressures.


Enjoy a stunning cup of adaptogenic coffee. Enjoy this selection box when you just don't know which flavour to choose! Consisting of 12 sachets, 4 sachets of each type, you will get Mojo, Flow and Zen all within this fabulous selection box.