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CBD Edibles | Melt x Dr. Watson CBD Dark Chocolate | 400mg CBD 90g | Vegan Friendly

CBD Edibles | Melt x Dr. Watson CBD Dark Chocolate | 400mg CBD 90g | Vegan Friendly

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Dr. Watson 400mg CBD 90g Dark Chocolate bar is the perfect treat to keep with you all day, for when you need a break and a little treat.

  • Dr. Watson have collaborated with the award winning Melt London to create this masterpiece
  • All bars are made with ethically sourced cocoa and are vegan friendly.
  • With a whopping 400mg CBD, this chocolate bar sure packs a punch. 
  • Improve all aspects of life with these amazing plants which are not addictive and will not make you high


May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy, sesame seeds.

Not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Each 90g bar contains 3 portions. Daily recommendation 1 – 2 portions.

Lab Reports

Please note: We are not allowed to make any medical claims on any of our products. We highly recommend consulting your GP before using any supplements, especially if you are already on medication.

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